Moving is a tedious and stressful process. Moving with pets is even more so! There are so many more things to consider – the pet’s wellness, equipment, documentation…etc. A lot of our sellers have pets (often more than 1!) and so do we. We thought we’d gather from our experience moving with Otis (the 90lb bulldog) into this blog to help our sellers alleviate some of the stress in moving with pets.   

Planning the Move – Too Much Stuff! 

When it comes your pet’s stuff, you can be amazed at how much you have accumulated over the years! Before you load them into the truck to fill your next place with, consider giving away or donating some items that are redundant(the 50th chew toy) or unloved (so Misty did not like that pumpkin costume you bought last Halloween). Look up animal shelters in your region, they often have lists of what they urgently require or allow for donations. 

Staging and Showings (optional) – Clean, Clean, Clean! 

If you are selling with a realtor, you do have to vacate the property for staging and showings. A barking puppy isn’t going to fare well with prospective buyers looking at your house. Invest in an air purifier to remove dander and odor, as well as a roller to clean up furballs on fabric surfaces. In some cases, it could be worthwhile to get a large crate to keep your pets from making further messes during the duration of sale. You could consider putting your pets in a hotel or letting them stay with a friend until the property sells and open houses/showings are finished. This might also help your pets keep their stress levels down during the move and sale. 

During the Move – Keep Calm and Move On 

Pets tend to get terribly anxious in a vehicle and in a new place. On the day of the move, we’ve found its best practice to not have them around the house at all. Leave them with a friend for the day, and then have them come back to the new space once all the major items are set up and in place. The key is for you to act normal when they show up, and to not draw their attention to the move and all the new things they might be feeling anxious/nervous about. Remember that pets tend to feed off their owner’s energy. Act as if it’s a normal day and make sure one of the first things you unpack and set up is their bed/crate/water bowl so they don’t think anything is any different. Give them (and yourself) a few days to adjust to your new home, but make sure tokeep stress levels down by letting them outside or going on nice long walks around your new neighborhood. This will tire them out and have them less focused on all the new things in the new space. 

Don’t Lose the Paperwork 

As with all the other important documents (insurance, bank statements),keep vital information about your pet (certificates, vet info, prescriptions) organized and easy to locate. Stock up on prescriptions if you need time to locate a new vet in your new area. Do a Google search on the nearest emergency pet hospital, pet food store and other essential supplies you may need. Finally, go out exploring all the parks and leash-free areas in your neighborhood! You both deserve the break for a job well done! 

If the thought of moving, selling your house, and having to clean-up for showings is leaving you feeling stressed-out, you might want to consider a private home sale with a reputable house buyer like Michael the Home Buyer. We will buy the property in AS-IS condition, and we only need one walkthrough to make an offer….meaning less stress, cleaning, and hassle for you and your pets. In addition, we let our sellers choose their own closing date so you can rest assured knowing you and your furry family members have all the time you need to find the next perfect spot to move to. 

If you are interested in working with a company that understands and appreciates what it’s like to move with pets, give us a shout. Or check out what some of our previous home sellers have had to say about working with us:

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