A new diagnosis, trouble moving up and down the stairs, a bad fall or forgetting where you put your keys for the 10th time of the day – these are signs that life for you or a family member may be heading in a new direction. And this new direction may require new accommodations that may not be present in the current living space. 

At some point in our lives, our house becomes unsuited for us and our changing health needs. We have the needed discussion with our doctors and family and make the decision to downsize, move to a retirement home or live with family member. The current house has become too much to maintain and too much to move around comfortably in. 

When you have reached that decision to let your house go, consider a private sale first before you contact your realtor. With commission rates as high as 7%, those thousands of dollars that you will pay toward your realtor could be better used toward increased health costs, new monthly expenses for your new home, or other unexpected costs that may come up.Every cent counts. 

Private sales are also just that – private. You don’t need to hammer a “For Sale” stake in your lawn, have tens of strangers walk through your house, or incite the curiosity of nosy neighbors itching to have a peek into your rooms. Private transactions are only between you and the buyer so you can maintain utmost discretion throughout the whole process. 

Finally, there can be serious struggles to fix up the house for a market sale. Install a new kitchen cabinet? Forget it. There is neither the time, energy nor funds for major renovations. The largest perk of private sales is their ability to buy your house as-is. In many instances, you can even leave your unwanted stuff behind. Just decide on what you wish to take to your new home and leave the rest. This convenience is unparalleled with other forms of home sale. 

If you’re looking for a reputable company with a long track record of following through on offers with dozens of 5-star review from happy home sellers, you might want to try a company like Michael the Home Buyer. We work with a number of home sellers in similar situations who love the ease and stress-free approach we bring to the home selling process. 

To begin the process, start with a conversation about your needs and your future goals. At Michael the Home Buyer, we hope to be the best solution for you but if not, we guarantee that we will listen and see where we can help. 

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