In this final part of the 3-part blog series “How to Sell my Condo”, we discuss some preparations and things you can do to make the transition a smooth and easy one! 

Congratulations, you have sold your condo! Whether you went with the Hassle-Free Fast Sale or the High Profit Sale as discussed in the previous post, you are now ready to start to move out of your condo. Ready? 

Review Your Sale Agreement 
What have you agreed to leave behind for the next owner? Put a marker, such as a green painter’s tape on those items (e.g. appliances) so that you won’t mistakenly pack it up for moving. When is the closing date? Make sure that you have all your items (except your daily essentials) packed up at least 1 week before that date and all necessary paperwork and keys are in order.
Pro-tip: Don’t spend big bucks on cardboard moving boxes. Look online for used cardboard boxes that people have purchased for their move and no longer require. Since you’d likely only use them once yourself, they don’t need to be in mint condition, just sturdy and functional. 

Inform Utility (and other) Companies of your Move 
Hydro, gas, internet, cable, banking, insurance…etc. Review your monthly bills and make a list of companies that you need to inform of your move. Check them off as you complete. Some may require a day’s notice while others might take a week, so make sure that you settle this well in advance of your move
Pro-tip:  Forgot a couple of companies to inform? No worries, Canada Post has a paid service that will forward your letters from your old address to your new one! This set-up can be done online here. 

Whether you receive your bills electronically or by mail, be sure to update your new address with each of your bill provider

Book the Elevator 
Remember how you moved into your condo? The process repeats! Book the elevator for your move weeks in advance to ensure availability. You might also want to check if there is a dedicated service elevator and loading/packing area for moving
Pro-tip: Besides the elevator, also book the loading area or loading dock that your moving van will be stationed in. Secure the necessary entry and parking permits for your moving vehicle especially if your condo has a controlled parking space (i.e. with gantries and locked entrances). 

Some condominiums has a loading dock, in which case you may have to pick the right moving truck to meet the loading dock height. 

Moving with Pets 
Bringing some furry friends along? Read our dedicated blog post about moving with pets

Moving In 
And finally, once you get the keys to your new place, take a moment to take it all in. You’ve come a long way and you need a breather! If your head is already full from moving out, grab a coffee and a 5 min break before your start the moving in process. Naturally, put the well-labeled boxes in their respective rooms and unpack the essentials first. Once you can get your daily needs in place, feel free to arrange the silverware and unroll the Welcome mat!
Pro-tip: You’d likely want to get take-out meals on the first day and this is a great way to get to know your new neighborhood better. Several online ordering apps (e.g., Door dash) offers a discount for first-time users. 

Moving is a great deal of work, but seeing the results after everything is settled in your new place is highly rewarding. 

Still looking for a home after selling your condo? If you’ve yet to find your next home, reach out to us. We work with a network of professionals in the industry that can help you find your next home whether you are buying a home or renting. Check out our Approved Partners page for a list of professionals and their areas of expertise.

For private homebuyers like Michael the Home Buyer, the first step is usually a quick phone conversation with our friendly team. 

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