In these difficult times with the pandemic raging on and government restrictions clamping down on movements, homeowners may find themselves in a precarious situation if they wish to sell their home.  

How do I reduce the number of people entering my private space?  

Can I get an offer for my home with no visitors?  

What will the process look like? 

At Michael the Home Buyer, we’ve always had the option to make an offer on a home, sight unseen, even before COVID-19. As long as we can have a good idea about the condition of your home through the information you share on the phone with us and some photos, we can be confident to present you a cash offer. This offer is conditional upon us making ONE visit to your home to have a final overview with all the necessary precautions in place (e.g. masks, sanitized hands, keeping 2m apart from you). But until then, you have the peace of mind that there is a solid offer on your table, and the deposit can even be with your lawyer before we make the visit. The terms of closing will be suited to you, so you can take as long as you like to look for the next home, or cash out in 2 weeks if you are in a rush. 

To summarize: 

  • We start with a phone call to find out more about your home 
  • You send us some photos and if needed, we arrange for a virtual tour of your home 
  • We make you a cash offer and process the deposit with your lawyer 
  • We will make ONE visit to your home with all precautions taken prior to closing 
  • We close!  

For a peace of mind, talk to us about a sight-unseen offer. Skip the steps of cleaning, staging and listing with an agent. And remember, we charge no fees and no commissions at all times. At Michael the Home Buyer, we have your interests in mind. So talk to us today about your options! 

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