Benefits of Selling with DCI Properties


Have you ever considered working with a cash buyer? Do know the benefits of selling to someone like Michael the Home Buyer? These are just a few of the benefits that come from working with a cash buyer to sell your Kitchener home

We close on your timeline – you choose the closing date. We are not moving into your home so if we need to extend the closing date to align with when you are moving into your new home, no problem. We only ask for a 2-3 week heads up. 

We will buy the property AS-IS – you don’t need to make any repairs to the home. Even if there are major repairs, roof work, foundation issues, leaks, water issues, etc., we will take it on.  You do not need to worry about hiring contractors to do any of that before you sell. 

No showings or signs on their lawn (i.e., Discrete sale)– some sellers want a more discrete sale of their home. We don’t have multiple showings. We come to the house once and make an offer within 24 hours of seeing the property in person. That’s it. 

Cash offer – you don’t need to worry about our offer falling through on financing. We buy 30-40 houses a year in London/surrounding area. Financing is not an issue for us. You can be confident in our offer knowing you will get your money on closing. 

We can close quickly if needed– if you are in a rush to sell, we can close in 2-3 weeks (or as long as the lawyers need to do title and paperwork) 

No cleaning needed– you don’t need to worry about cleaning the house in order to have us over. We see houses in all kinds of conditions. We just need to see the space to see what we can do with it. 

We are NOT pushy– we let you decide if working with us makes sense for you. We let you know that in most cases our offer won’t be the best offer that you could receive. If they are looking for more money, we suggest you list the house on the MLS. But if you are looking for a quick, easy, hassle-free sale, then we are a good option. But our philosophy is that we only want to buy the house if you actually want to sell it to us. 

We sometimes let you leave your junk behind – We have included junk/estate removal into our offers if you are moving away or have inherited a home and would rather just take those belongings you want, and leave everything else behind. 

We can cover your legal fees in our offer – some sellers see this as an advantage, then they know all they need to do is pay out their mortgage/lender (if they have one), and they are getting the remaining balance of our offer in full. We also offer to connect you with some of our preferred lawyers who have helped a number of our sellers in the past. 

We have included a second deposit in our offer to help you with a deposit towards your new home or rental – On occasion, we come across sellers who need some funds from the sale of their house upfront to pay their first/last month’s rent deposit, or to help with a partial deposit of the new place they are buying. We have a standard clause we can add to our offer that secures us for this advancement of funds against the sale of their house. 

We have advanced funds to offer you to help pay off second mortgages or other liens so you don’t lose the house to a lender– this one is a bit more complicated, but essentially, we give you an interest free loan once the deal is firm, whereby we pay off the lender that is calling due their loan. These funds we advance are registered on title to secure larger amounts, but it is an interest free loan that is discharged once we close on the property, and we cover the additional legal fees to set this up (incorporated into the price we offer depending on the situation) 

We have helped find sellers new rental units– we have a large network of landlords and in the past, we have helped sellers find new rentals by using this network, as well as calling property managers and setting them up with showings. 

We can be discrete if the seller has tenants they don’t want to disturb – we own rentals ourselves, so we understand selling a property that is tenanted can be challenging. The seller may be worried about “spooking the tenant” by bringing potential buyers through. In these cases, we work with the seller and tell the tenant on our walkthrough that we are appraisers, insurance representatives, or city workers to avoid any unnecessary stress on the tenant, at least until the owner has made a firm decision to sell the property.  

Have we convinced you to work with us? We know you’ll be satisfied with the results! Give us a call at 1 (888) 986-9883 today to see how we can walk you through the process and get your house off your hands in no time. 

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