Larry is a landlord. For years, he has enjoyed the perks of earning passive income by renting out his multi-unit property. The renters would range from students studying at the local university to young couples or families saving up for their first home. Larry enjoyed helping people by providing them with a safe, comfortable rental unit. 

However, in recent months, the house is in need of more maintenance than usual. Larry is getting on with age and cannot keep up with the frequent property visits and the physical labour of renovations. Hiring a contractor to complete the work is expensive and costs are starting to add up. Occasionally, tenants would not get along with one another and Larrywould have to intervene. More than once he has had to pack up quickly from the cottage to resolve a small squabble, fix a leaky toilet, make a visit to collect rent, or be on site to help a new tenant move-in.  

There comes a point in time for every landlord where they just want to be done with it, and that’s exactly how Larry is feeling. Like most tired landlords, he wants to move onto the next goal in life and find another investment that is less hands-on and more passive. Ideally, he wants to find a stress-free solution where he can sell to a qualified cash buyer without disrupting his tenants or putting any more money into the property. Selling it with a realtor would mean more renovations, multiple showings, and possibly even evicting the current tenants. 

If you can relate to Larry, you might be happy to know that there is such a solution. Michael the Home Buyer specializes in private home buying and the process is quick, fair and easy. To all the Larry’s out there, we invite you to reach out and chat with us. You might be surprised at how easy it is to sell your rental property, and how soon you are able to enjoy the next exciting journey in your life.

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