In this blog, Michael the Home Buyer is proud to present 8 helpful tips for moving answered by our recommended partner and professional movers: True North Movers. Based in London, True North Movers has been servicing London and surrounding areas since 2013. They offer residential and commercial moving services with great professionalism and value. Here to answer some top pressing questions and give tips on moving is the CEO of the company, Joshua Cairns. 

1. How Do I Save Money in Moving? 

The best way to save money while moving is to be both prepared and organized. Make sure that you are preparing for your move at least 2 months in advance. Number and log all your belongings and make sure you mark any boxes and furniture with the room that you would like it placed in your new home. This will allow your movers to work as efficiently as possible and save you money in the process! 

2. How Do I Pack My House for Moving? Are There Any Tips for an Efficient Packing and Moving Process? 

While packing, best thing to do would be togo room by room. Make sure that you have enough boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and tape to securely pack all items in such a way as to mitigate the risks of damage while being moved.Label your boxes with either the room they will need to go in or a general list of the contents (e.g., Books, Dishes, Electronics, Linens, etc.). This will both help your movers know how best to stack the boxes the day of your move and allow for you to prioritize your unpacking, creating a smoother and more efficient moving experience. 

3. How Do Moving Companies Charge (By Distance, Weight, Volume or Hours)? 

The simple answer is all the above. When inquiring, make sure that you ask what each individual company charges and how. Some companies will incorporate charges from all the above options, some will only use a few. At True North Movers, we charge by: Time x Number of Movers and Trucks + Distance if the move is between cities. There are some charges that exist outside of this such as overweight items and specialty items (e.g., piano). There are never any charges beyond what goes into your quote with True North Movers and we are very clear about all potential charges and policies before your move ever begins! 

4. How Do I Select a Good Moving Company? 

One of the best things you can do is to ask friends and family about their experiences moving in the past and if they have had any positive experiences with a certain moving company. Look online and check how the company has been rated by past clients. Read through the comments so you can have an idea of what to expect from that company. True North Movers has a 5-star rating on Google! We have worked very hard to achieve and maintain this rating by making sure that we are always safe, efficient and transparent with all our clients.

5. Do Moving Companies Disassemble/Assemble Furniture? 

This varies from company to company. Some companies will require all items to be ready to transport as is upon arrival. Others will have additional fees for this service while True North Movers will assist with the assembly or disassembly of most household items or furniture. Most moving companies that are willing to provide this service will have some limitations on what they will take apart based on various liability reasons. Most common items that moving companies will not assemble/disassemble are: cribs, gym equipment, pianos, appliances, and anything attached to the structure of the residence (mounted TVs for example). 

6. What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Company vs a DIY Move? 

The pros of hiring a professional moving team is knowing that you have a team of skilled people with experience and conditioning to make sure that all your items arrive in a safe and timely manner. For those who have to juggle watching small children, the elderly and anyone with physical limitations, the knowledge that you have a professional team to handle the heavy lifting for you on your moving day can lift a huge weight off anyone’s shoulders.

The cons simply put is the cost. Moving can be expensive. For a fraction of the price it can be done yourself. Other than that, there is no real drawback to using a professional moving company beyond the additional financial investment.


7. What Do I Need to Prepare for my Move? 

You should have a clear knowledge of everything that has to be moved including the approximate number of boxes and all furniture pieces. Prepare a parking space for your movers and clear the path they will need to take to get in and out of your residence. If the key exchange occurs on the same day, try to narrow down the timeline of when that will happen. This is helpful for both the movers and you to plan accordingly to limit downtime as best as possible and make your moving experience as efficient as possible.  

Lastly, expect the unexpected. Have meals that day planned in case of any unforeseen delays and know who to call in the event of something being delayed through either paperwork issues or unexpected physical delays to the move. 99% of moves go according to plan but life happens, and preparation is your best tool to ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible.  

8. I am Moving to Another Province. How Should I Plan That Move?

This will likely be a multi-day move. Be prepared for the couple of days it could take your movers to complete the move. Travel time to some provinces can take up to 5 days. Research the company that you are planning to work with. Do they specialize in long distance moves? What is the cost and how does it compare to other companies? Don’t be afraid to ask why there is a significant cost difference (if any). Smaller companies that will make the drive will likely charge more but you may get better service from them. For such a major move, you want to make sure you do your homework so you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for. 

Moving should be as low-stress and simple as possible. At True North Movers, we make sure to take what could be a stressful and chaotic day and make that day as positive and organized as possible. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, that way you can immediately start enjoying your new home, the way it should be! 

Joshua Cairns, 

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